Fourth meeting of the Czech Republic Renault Club was in Melnik.

Sixth meeting of the Czech Republic Renault Club was in Melnik. This is report from weekend with Renault.

Seventh meeting of the Czech Republic Renault Club is after us. That means we made knee bends in the A-point.

7. renault club meeting in Mělník, about 30km from Prague - date 28. - 29.9.2001


Renault has presented a new model - Renault Talisman


Renault has just presented a new model - Renault Thalia
A very humorous press conference where Renault presented officially a new Renault type range was just finished a couple of hours ago. A wild music etched in a great atmosphere where young people unpacked a new car type range from a huge parcel -- the Renault Thalia.


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The oldcars section was updated


The last Renault meeting has been held in Mělník town in dates Sept. 29th. -- Oct.1st. last weekend, where we met each other having good mood or even warrior mood. You, participants, arrived from all parts of our motherland either with young cars, older models or even with very old vehicles. You arrived young, in best years or as a pensioners. No matter all those facts, the one united you at all: love in cars with rhombus as a character (irrespective you owe any Renault car or not).


The 5th. meeting of the Renault Club Czech Republic,
or how we learned to ride our cars on 3 wheels


New Laguna


Renault Sport history since 1898 - 2000 


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Estafette, Trafic, Microcar, Aluette are names of very interesting cars which were ahead the time.