The Renault Club of the Czech Republic was founded by a group of Renault fans and friends in January 1996. Initially, the aim of this club was to be of an assistance to other Renault car owners. Apart from organizing club meeting, it wanted to offer an advice concerning various technical problems. Simply said, the original idea was to establish a group of people who would exchange information about their cars, specific technical difficulties and other things of this nature.
    Soon it became self-evident that although communication environment is a good thing, it is just not good enough. Members of the club needed information and answers to their questions. This is the reason behind the creation of the largest Renault site not only in the
Czech Republic but all over the world.
      This is the place where you will find information both about contemporary cars and about historical models, which are either still on the road or in museums. Some of these models are accompanied by a narrative explaining how did they make it into the automobile history. Yes, you will find here this kind of information too!
      The Renault Club of the Czech Republic also gives its members an experience-based recommendations of dealer and repair services of Renault cars. You might be able to get certain price reduction with our club card.

Membership fee for 2001: USD 15

If you want to become a member of the Renault Club of the Czech Republic, please do fill in the registration form. You will receive a club card and detailed information.

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