News - Renault Laguna

A dignified successor of Renault Laguna is coming soon!

After more than 1.500.000 cars produced, the Renault Laguna will have its successor. New model will be longer by 7 cm (respectively by 8 cm in wagon version) in compare to the previous version and its length will be 4,58 meters (respectively 4,70 meters in wagon version). A various palette of models will be available for sale. An offer of engines will start with 1,6 16V engine (79 kW / 110 hp at 5750 rpm/min, max. torque 148 Nm at 3750 rpm/min) then it continues by 1,8 16V engine (85-89 kW, 118-123 hp at 5750 rpm/min, dependent on car export destination, max. torque 170 Nm at 3750 rpm /min) and 3,0 V6 24V engine ( 155 kW / 210 hp at 6000 rpm/min, max. torque 290 Nm at 3750 rpm/min. The engine offer will be enlarged soon by two litre IDE engine with gasoline direct injection system with 103 kW / 140 hp at 5500 rpm/min and max torque 200 Nm. Next engines offered will be 1,9 dCi (105 hp / 200 Nm) engine, 1,9 dCi with variable supercharger sails geometry (120 hp / 250-270 Nm) and 2,2 dCi engine (135 hp/ 320 Nm)

 5-gears manual gearbox or 4-gears automatic gearbox will be available in the new Laguna model. Model with 1,9 dCi engine having 120 hp will be equipped by the manual 6-gears gearbox. An use of high torque moment during lower speeds as well as reducing of engine fuel consumption was ensured by the better transmission of that new gearbox developed. A top model with V6 24V engine will be equipped by the 5-gears adaptive automatic gearbox.