News - Renault Scenic RX4

The wind of change

Renault doesn't belong to automobile plants dealing traditionally in four wheel drive. Nevertheless in his history there came into existence many interesting passenger cars driven by both axles. The first swallow in the fiveties was Colorale (1951), Jeep CJ7 (1983), today known as Wrangler, Renault 18 kombi 4x4 (1984), Renault Nevada 4X4 (1988), Renault 21 Quadra (1989), Renault Espace Quadra )1987), Safrane Biturbo Quadra (1993) and last not least JEEP Cherokee (1992) - yes, You read well, this car belongs to the Renault production too. 

Renault appears now with a quite new, orginal concept. A compact monospace with constant four wheel drive. This units a light off-road car, capable getting over easy field snares and a spacious family car  together. Direct competitors will be Toyota RAV 4. Land Cruiser Freelander and Honda CRV. 

RX4 doesn't cover up the juncture with the stable colleague, the model Scenic. Honeycombed structure of cooler grid on the front bonnet and long headlights with dual optics are used on model RX4 too. But there is a little difference : the headlights have a black background to give the car a sports-like exterior. A car with four wheel drive must have definite attributes : Scenic RX4 has a broad protective frame, at some shades in colour of the body. Optically seems the body front be broad thanks to a longer bumper and mud guards made of composite materials. Design of the rear part is remarcable different. The rear door with  hanger above is replaced by a door with hanger on the left. The spare wheel moved from inside on the fifth door and is protected by composite cover in the same colour as the body. The interior keeps all the pleasant attributes : Cabin spaciousness, modular adjustment of seats and optimally designed luggage room. but in addition a sports look. The instrument board surface is black in contrast to other elements, which are finished in nutmeg colour. 

The main technical innovation depends on drive 4x4 with electronic control of front wheels drive. The special gearbox "Twin Output" was developed by Renault. The gearbox base is the gearbox of Scenic model. Transmission system was developed by the Austrian specialist Ster-Puch.  RX4 has a ground clearance by 120 mm higher than normal Scenic and a great mobility of hangers. Is suitable for any road surface and lighter field. The front axle is type McPherson, complemented by elements, specially developed for off-road drive. The rear axle was totally changed in that way, that all for this car specific components are mounted on a frame, fastened on shock absorbing pins. This way was the noisiness of the rear axle substantially reduduced. 16 inches wheels with tyres 215/65/16 were developed specially for combined use of the car. Scenic RX4 will be available with a petrol two-litre-engine 16V with output 140 k or with Diesel-oil-engine 1,9dCi Common Rail with output 105 k. These engines ensure the RX4 model the standing of one of strongest cars with four-wheel-drive on the market.

Version 2,0 16V 1,9 dCi
Engine Z DT
Volume (ccm) 1998 1870
Maximum output (kW/Hp) 101,5 / 140 75/ 105
on Turns Per Minute 5500 4000
Turning moment 188 200
on Turns Per Minute 3750 1500