News - Renault helps children

Kaja Saudek

Bringing happiness is the most beautiful art

There is nothing more wonderful than helping children in difficult situation

      This is an aim of the Foundation Archa Chantal, which wants to improve the environment of children departments in hospitals in Czech Republic.

      However, without help of sponsors even the best idea dies. During the process of contacting sponsors the Foundation Archa Chantal discovered Renault company wants to do something for the children´s smile as well. This is how the unique project was born.

      Three Renault Twingo 2 cars were "lent" to three Czech artists in order to be used instead of ordinary canvas or paper. Emma Srncová, Tomáą Bím and Kája Saudek started to work immediately. The result are three unique pieces of art on non-traditional material with non-traditional aim. All of the three automobiles will be donated to Foundation Archa Chantal and sold on auction on October 30th, 1998 in Prague ®ofín palace.

Emma Srncova

"I have three kids and five grandchildren and I know how their health is important. That´s why I wanted to help the children, which need it."
(Emma Srncová)

"The worst thing is, when a child is ill. Foundation Archa Chantal and Renault company assure the right hands will obtain the money."
(Tomáą Bím)

"Such a work for free I can do only for a good thing."
(Kája Saudek)

In case you want to help children and to take place on the auction of the cars (see pictures), contact Mgr. Viktor Kazda, the president of the Renault Club.

e-mail: renault@renaultclub.czTomas Bim