News - Renault Clio Sport 2.0 16V 

Renault Clio is undoubted the most successful car in his class. Any nineth car in this class is an Clio. 

After stopping production of Renault Williams was the chair of the king of the class with no one sitting in it. This month there will be a new ruler : Renault Clio Sport 2.0 16V. 

Foundation of Clio Sport motor is the engine F4R 2.0 16V used in the cars Espace, Laguna and Scenic. Thanks to application of new technologies an output enhancement was reached up to 172 HP (124 kW) with 6,250 r.p.m. and turning moment 200 Nm with 5,400 r.p.m. (compare with F4R 140k / 2,500 r.p.m. and 188 Nm / 3,750 r.p.m.). 

Apart from contrivances used on other engines of series F as for instance variable valve timing, hollow valve cam, proving of suction and collecting exhaust piping, new are the cylinder heads, valves are made of Nickel (75 _%), Chromium (25%) and Titanium alloy, sparking plugs with Platinum electrode and service life 120,000 km. By alteration of valves adjustment a better fuelling during high engine speed is reached, two parallel catalysts attain better waste gas flow. Thanks to this and other alterations the turning moment don't decrease under 85% of its maximum between 2,500 and 6,500 r.p.m. and 95% output is reached among 5,800 and 6,250 r.p.m. 

Comparing this new engine with engine Clio Williams 2.0 (F7R) the new one is better by 22HP and 25 Nm. The consumption decreased by 0,2l/100 km. 

Power transmission on wheels is realized by the gearbox JCS with close oriented speed gears. The instrument board is equipped with an optimum routes indicator during gears shifting by means of taking of a full advantage of best engine-output parameters. The speed limit device is activated at 7,250 r.p.m on the 1. and 2. speed gear and at 7,000 r.p.m.  on the 3., 4. and 5. speed gear. 

The front axle is a MacPherson one, equipped with disk brakes, internal cooling and diameter 280 mm. The rear torsional H-tailed axle is equipped with discs diameter 228 mm. 15 inches wheel rims equipped  tyres 195/55. Using ABS of last type and EBV (Electronic Brakes Varying) the braking distance was shortened under 40 m. Front wheel spacing enlarged by 27 mm, the rear one by 17 mm. The centre of gravity displaced by 15 mm lower. 

A delicacy at least : The interior will be made of Alcantara leather. 

The price in France is designated on 134,900 FRF (the car ain't on the Czech market so far at all.) 

 Comparison table of both sport models Clio I and Clio II 

Clio I

1,8 16V

Clio II

1,6 16V
2,0 16V
V6 24V