Renault takes an offensive in the Czech Republic

After Renault reached 4% share of the Czech market and the fourth position among importers to the Czech republic, the mark is taking offensive again.
Renault sold on the Czech market 503 cars in January. In comparation to the same period in the last year it means 123% raise in sales.

After January Renault took the third position on the Czech market after ©koda and VW.

Renault sold over 2.000.000 cars all over the world.
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In 1998 Renault reached the highest volume of sale. It has managed to sell over 2.000.000 passenger and commercial vehicles (raise of sale of 300.000 cars in one year).

For the first time after fifteen years Renault should reach the first position. The world´s constructor in compliance with its strategy of profitable development shares in larger and larger scale also the markets outside of Western Europe. It makes its position in the Central and Eastern Europe stronger, reaches the first position in Turkey and raises the volume of sale in Mercosur region of about 20%.

Renault sold all over the world 2.128.000(1) passenger and commercial vehicles (+15,8%), out of it 300.000 outside of Western Europe. Both passenger (+14,5%) and commercial (+26,3%) vehicles remarkably get into the market of all of the geographical regions thanks to popular Mégane as well as other sucessfull models (Clio, Kangoo, new Master, Mégane Break in Turkey, Twingo and Laguna 2)

In the Western Europe (2) Renault, followed by Volkswagen (10,8% of the market), should reach for the first time the leading position concerning the amount of sold passenger and commercial cars due to improvement of its share by gain of one point (11%) and raisement of the volume of sale of 260 000 cars (1.758.199 cars). Renault raised its share of market of passenger cars from 9,9% to 10,7% due to its sales, which in comparation to the market raised twice. It has reached again the leading position on the market of commercial cars, which had belonged to it until 1993, by getting one and a half points (now 13,1%)

Mégane represents with its 4% share the second best-seller in Europe (5th in 1997). Clio with its 2,9% has the third position in the category of small cars (5th in 1997). Espace is on the top position of the monospace vehicles again (19% of the segment). Twingo with 1,4% is in the top ten of best-seller small cars. Kangoo Express leads the
market of light commercial cars, with 20% of share.

Renault is more and more successfull on the markets in Northern Europe. Cars of this mark broke thought the record share on market with passenger cars in Great Britain (8%), made stronger their leading position among imported cars in Germany (share 6,3% was not overcame since 70´s), they got the 2nd position in Belgium (10,8%), in the Nederlands they moved from the 4th to the 3rd position, in Switzerland from the 5th to the 3rd position and they remarkably raised their appearance on the markets in Austria and northern countries.

In Southern Europe Renault continues re-gaining positions, which had been lost during the period, when it left this region due to lowered rentability. Cars of this mark made their position so strong in Spain, that they reached the first position(13,7%), their number enlarges in Italy (7,5% share - the same as at the beggining of the 90´s) and they
still remaining leading position on the Portuguese market, which they had lost at the beginning of 1993(12,6%)

In France Renault is on the first position - also in the category of cars (29,9% share on the market of passenger and commercial cars).The mark still has the leading position on the market of passenger
vehicles with the 2 points gain in getting on the market (29%) and it made its position better of 1,5 points on the market of commercial cars (34,6%)

Clio (8,6) and Mégane(8,3%) are both on the first position on the market of passenger vehicles. Twingo (4,4%) is on the 4th position. Kangoo Express (10,2), Clio société (9,7) and Master (5,3%) represent
the trinity of winners among the commercial vehicles.

Renault remarkably enlarges the volume of sale outside of Western Europe, often on the markets of complicated development. The company follows its development in Central and Eastern Europe, where it got
6,4% share of the market of passenger vehicles and 4,4% share on the market of commercial cars. In Turkey Renault got for the first time the leading position by the 26,4% share. In Mercosur region Renault enlarged the volume of the sale to approximately 110.000 cars (+20%). Renault is still on the first position among imported cars in
Argentina (18% share of the market) and three times enlarged its share in Brazil with the aim to be in lead among imported cars before the start of production in Curitiba factory. In Russia the raise of sale was slowed down by a crisis, Renault mark, however, reached 25% (2,500 cars). Renault got a good position on the South-African market, three years after comeback, with 2,000 sold cars(780 in 1997) and enlarges the amount of sold cars in Maghreb countries and in the Middle East. In Pacific Asia the share of the mark enlarges, although the total volume is still low due to crisis and currently determined presence in the region.

The numbers of 1998 are for the time being estimated.

Western Europe: France + Northern Europe (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Nederlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Island, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) + Southern Europe (Italy, Spain,
Portugal, Greece)

source: Renault