Second Round - Ring Free

Considering that purchase success of Renault Megane ScÚnic is not falling down and is still on sufficient level, is it neccessary to innovate. Renault started innovation of his successful MVP fairly soon - about three years after presentation on the market. In the time of his  appearance Scenic had no conpetitor at all, he was Number  One. But since that time other manufacturers wakened and started production of Multi Purpose Vehicles in the class created by Scenic. At haphazard are to be mentioned Opel Zafira, Citroen Picasso, Fiat Multipla. All these cars compete Renault Scenic, it could not be said that they are doing bad. Nevertheless Renault does not intend to let the priority to other brand names and the new Scenic signifies that other producers has to struggle hard indeed.

For this new car three new motors are prepared, beginning with a 1,4 l/70 kW (95 HP); 1,6 l/79 kW (110 HP) and an European innovation, a spark-ingnition two-litre engine with direct fuel injection and output 103 kW (140 HP). The last mentioned engine is equipped with variable valve timing. To his priorities belongs a better valves fuelling and a  resulting comparatively high turning moment along with its excellent course, in addition thanks to better combustion a lower consumption and harmful exhaust gas generation. Diesel engine units with atmospheric fuelling (1,9 D/47 kW) quite as supercharged units (1,9 dTi/72 kW) are continueing without modifications.

 The chassis was changed too. The most important innovations is probably the boosting of brakes. Brake wheel diameter was increased from 260 up to 280 mm and their thickness increased a bit too. Brake wheels are also on rear wheels. Further contribution of fair driving condition are 15" wheels 185/60 and on the two-litre version IDE even 195/60.

The anticorrosive protection of the Ranault is as good today, as the manufacturer can give a 12 years guarantee on rusting through protection. A functional alteration is the separate tipping window in the fifth door facilitating the loading of little objects.

That is to say that high attention on passenger safety what depends the new car was paid also. The  standard equipment of Scenic includes four airbags, a couple of them on front seats and two side-air-bags protecting the whole crew against side collisions. An ABS system is a serial equipment too. A further safety element is the automatic locking system of doors and the luggage hold shortly after the start.

Version 1,4 16V 1,6 16V 2,0 16V 1,9 D 1,9 dTi
Engine Z Z Z D PV
Volume (ccm) 1390 1598 1998 1870 1870
bore x stroke (mm) 79,5 x 70,0 79,5 x 80,5 82,7 x 83,0 80,8 x 93,0 80,0 x 93,0
Compression ratio 10,0:1 10,0:1 - 21,45:1 18,3:1
Maximum output (kW) 70 79 103 47 72
on Turns Per Minute 6000 5750 5500 4500 4000
Turning moment 127 148 189 120 200
on Turns Per Minute 3750 3750 3750 2250 2000
Full speed (km/h) 173 173 196 152 174
Acceleration 0-100 (s) 12,9 11,2 10,2 18,9 12,7
Consumption ES (l/100km) 9,7/5,7/7,1 9,6/6,0/7,3 10,8/6,4/8,0 8,9/5,8/6,9 7,7/4,9/5,9