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The 2000 year is close
as well as new Renault models

      World´s development is running ahead, all of the automobile producers get ready for the next millenium. Also Renault did not fall asleep but develops new models of its cars.

Renault Mégane
      Nice and friendly curves of Renault Mégane are going to be replaced by much sharper ones in the summer of 1999. Mégane look will be definitely more "wild".
      Another suprise is in progress for the Mégane model line - Scénic with the 4x4 drive, called Racoon. The series production will start at the end of 1999Mégane

Renault Laguna
      A new car is going to be a successor of Laguna, one of the most successful Renault cars of the middle class. This car is built on the M2-S chassis, used also by Safrane and Espace models.
      Standartized chassis frame was used by Renault because of reduce of the production costs.


Renault Safrane
      It is important to change something even in the high class. That is the reason why Renault prepares for the year 2001 successor of the current Safrane line. New car keeps its typical and for the higher class non-traditional double-space bodywork.