An accouplement of of Renault´s and Matra´s designers and technicians became probably a historical rule. Technical masterpieces produced regularly by their manufactures could be called "art" with no shame.

The last result of this cooperation is called AVANTIME. It is double-door 2+2 coupé of a dateless design. If it would be serially produced, its potential buyers are the people who prefer innovation, dynamics and non-traditional things, people who used to have a coupe or break and they want universal and spacious car with a strong personality.
Examining AVANTIME we can see it shares a lot with prototypes INITIALE (1995) and VEL SATIS (1998). In case of all of these three cars Renault paid an attention on dynamics, luxury, comfort, safety and strong personality. I tell you honestly, if any of these three cars would appear on our market, I wouldn't wait even a second and I´d run to the next dealer's office to order it.

AVANTIMERenault succeeded to put together two seemingly non-coherent forms of the bodywork, coupé and monospace. AVANTIME has a bit of each of them. The two doors come from coupe (the system of opening is the same as the one used on VEL SATIS), as well as its dynamic and managing abilities. Monospace bodywork, high position of the driver's seat, spaciousness and variability of the interior comes from the monospace-type cars. Designers were really generous, as they were generous while creating
any of the mentioned prototypes. You will not miss in the car's equipment four really luxurious seats, a lot of technical instruments making the drive easy or eventually for fun - like the display of the navigation system, which is also a screen for DVD player

An engine shows you that AVANTIME is really serious about dynamics. A strong 6-cylinder heart beats in the body with an output of 250 Hp and torque over 300nM. The manual gearbox with 6 gears transmits the power of the engine to the wheels. We should mention the wheels as well, they are not so regular. 20´´ rims made of light alloy are really respectable and give you an idea about the dynamic characterictics of the prototype. 245 mm tyres protect the driver in case of defect because they ensure a safe coasting to minimal distance of 250 km by minimal speed of 80 kph in case of sudden elusion of an air from the tyre.


Technical parameters
overall lenght 4643 mm
width (excluding door mirrors) 1884 mm
heigth 1600 mm
wheelbase 2752 mm
front track 1600 mm
rear track 1600 mm
service weight 1750 kg
front overhang 1018 mm
rear overhang 872 mm


in front across V6 24V 2946 ccm
performance 250 bhp
torque >300 Nm
emission standard Euro 2000


manual, # of gears 6


light alloy rims 20"
tyres Michelin PAX 245


(Text by Viktor Kazda, photos by Renault)