Renault motor works can be proud of patents, innovations and improvements like not many other motor works. Also because of these activities Renault can be proud of being the second one in number of "Automobile of year" titles. Let us remind of revolutionary R16 model, cute R9, ... Twingo and revolutionary Scénic.

Let us mention on a few lines some of the research results:

  • 1890 Patent for direct drive gearbox
  • 1902 Patent for supercharging
  • 1905 Hydraulic dampers were presented
  • 1923 Patent for mechanical servo brake
  • 1926 Patent for adjustable bench seat allowing to vary the luggage deparment
  • 1936 Patent for a seat with flexible cushions
  • 1961 Renault presents Renault 4 model -- the first car all over the world equipped by hermetically closed engine cooling systém and long-travel torsion bar
  • 1965 Presented 5-door hatchback equipped by folding rear seats, alternator and electric engine fan
  • 1976 Side protection mouldings and polyester wraparound bumpers
  • 1980 Series poduction of turbo-powered cars
  • 1984 The first MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) - Espace