Renault -- the sport history

Renault company joins a Car history of the Earth for over than 100 years. It is also need to notice its plenty of successes in Motor sport, which all of them cannot be recorded at all. We will take aim only to the most important successes because the other ones we simply cannot count.

21.12.1898 is the date, when some strange vehicle called "Voiturette" reached Lepic street hill on Montmartre, Paris and started actually the century of Renault sporty successes.


Victory of brothers Mr. Louis Renault and Mr. Marcel Renault in Paris -Trouville race,
Paris - Ostende race and  Paris - Ranbouillet race.


In "Paris  - Bordeaux" race and "Paris --Toulouse -- Paris" race,  Louis and Marcel Renault reached first positions in these races.


Victory in Grand Prix de Pau, "Paris -- Bordeaux" race and "Paris -- Berlin" race as well as victory in race held for 1 km with fixed start ( 1´21" minutes)


Marcel Renault wan in race called "Paris -- Vienna".


Renault model won in Denver, Brighton Beach: victory of fighter race as well as victory of race hold  for  10 and 15 miles.


Victory of Bernin on Grand Prix held for 1 miles to hill (12-19%) in  Eagle Rock, New York for 1´20" min.


In race called "100 miles on Cube",  Renault vehicle finished its race on the 2nd. position


2nd. position of 14CV model in "Tablat hill" race, which was organized by Algerian car club.


Crew Szisz-Marteau with 90CV model won in 1st. Grand Prix of French ACF car club. 


Renault vehicle with 4-cylinder engine of 12 986 cm3 cubature won in historically first Grand Prix of French car club (AFC).


Victory of Maurice Bernina and Paul Lacroixe in "24 hrs. in Morris Park" race.


Victory of Maurice Bernin on 100 miles race hold at Florida,  U.S.A., with hour average speed 130 km/h.


Louis Raffalovich won the "24 hrs in New York " race with model 35CV 


Repusseau won in the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race with Renault 40CV on 24.1.


Cars of Nervastella manned first three positions in the "Rallye Maroco" with average speed over 120km/h.


Renault won in race Lutych -- Øome - Lutych.


Model Nervasport with crew Lahaye - Quatresous won in group of 170 participiants in the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race and in  "Lutych -- Rome -- Lutych" race.


Renault 4CV won in "Alps Rallye" race.


Rosier won with 4CV model, 750 cm3 in the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race.


3 Renault 4CV occupied in lead of its category by their average speed 96,433km/h  in the "24 hrs in Le Mans


- Renault 4CV with crew Rédélé-Ponds won in the "Liege-Øome-Liege" race.


Renault 4CV won in its category in  the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race and also in the "24 hrs. in  Le Mans" race 


Renault sport division was established by the leadership of Mr. Francoise Landon.


Renault 4 CV won in race called a "1 000 mil", in the "Alps Rallye" race and in a "Lutych -- Øome -- Lutych" race.


Jean Rédélé (who became owner and constructor of Alpine company later) won with 4 CV model in Italian "Mille Miglia" race. He repeated his triumph also in 1953 as well as in 1954.


Renault 4CV won the "Rallye Monte Carlo", where occupied first four positions in its category.


Crew Condrier - Daniel on Renault 4CV model won in a "Tour De France" for cars.


Renault 4CV won in the "1 000 miles" race, in the "Alps criteria" race, in the "Tour De France" race for cars and finally in the "Lutych -- Rome -- Lutych" race.


Renault 4CV model won in the "Tour de France" for cars.


Renault Dauphine model won in the "1 000 miles" race, in the "Around the Corsica" race and in the "Brescia -- Rome- Brescia" race.


Renault Dauphine occupied first four positions in the "1 000 miles" race, first two positions in the "Lutych -- Rome -- Lutych" race and first position in Tour Auto.


Dauphine model with crew Mainesse-Feret won in the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race.


Dauphine finished its race in the "Around the Corsica" on the first position.


Dauphine models with crews Guichet - Quilin and Condrillier - Foulgoc won in category of touring cars with 1 000 cm3 cubature.


1st. and 2nd. position for Dauphine model in touring cars category of all dimensions in the "Lutych -- Rome -- Lutych" race.


Victory in "Tour de France" for cars and in the"Around the Corsica".


Triple victory for Dauphine models in the "Around the Corsica" race.


Model with Renault mechanics won in an "Energetic complex" competition, held during the "24 hrs. in Le Mans" race.


Legendary model Renault 8 Gordini with crew Vinalier - Masson won race the "Around the Corsica", where 4 Gordini's reached Finish and from eight of cars, which finally finished that race. These 4 Gordini´s were starting in group of 79 cars.


Renault Alpine model won in Rallye Championship of France.


Renault 8 model reached 1st. position at the "Around the Corsica" race, a " Mistral Rallye " and a "Zaragoza Rallye".


Victory of Alpine Renault in the "Energetic complex" competition , held on the "24 hrs. in Le Mans" race.

Renault 8 is on the 1st. position on the "Around the Corsica" race.

 "Coupe Gordini" championship has been established to help discover a new talented drivers (Renault 8 Gordini). Later, this championship was renamed to Renault 12 Gordini, Renault 5 Championship, Clio Championship and Mégane Championship.


Alpine model won at a " Nürburgring's  500 km" race.


Alpine Renault won the "24 hrs. in Le Mans" race for two times: efficiency and energetic index.


Renault 8 won the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race and a "Snow and Ice Criteria" race 


Alpine models reached the very first three positions in a "Rallye des Routes du Nord" race.


Renault Alpine A110 reached the very first three positions in the "Rallye Monte Carlo".


Formule Renault team has been established.


Alpine Renault became winner of France Rallye Championship.


Renault Alpine won World Rally Championship. 


Renault Alpine occupied first three positions on the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race.


Renault Alpine -- European championship in category 2.0l (7 races, 7 winnings)


Renault Sport section has been established.


Jean-Pierre Jabouille became European champion in Formule 2 with Elf- Renault model.


For the second time, 2.0. litre V6 Renault-Gordini-Elf engine driven by Rene Arnoux became European champion in Formula 2. 


Renault Alpine A310 model won the France Rallye Championship.


Pioneer Renault-Elf RS 01 turbo model started its sporty career on Grand Prix of England.


Renault Alpine A443 V6 Turbo driven by Pironi - Jaussaud won in the "24hrs. in Le Mans" race.


Renault 5 Alpine won Group 2 of the "Rallye Monte Carlo" race.


J. P. Jabouille won first Grand Prix with Renault Turbo RS 10 model in Grand prix of France, which was held on Dijon´s circuit.


Three victories for Renault in F1.


Victory on the France Rallye Championship.


Ragnotti and Andrie won in the "49th Rallye Monte Carlo" with Renault 5 Turbo car model.


Alain Prost got three victories in F1 World Championship in Grand Prix of France, Grand Prix  of Netherlands and Grand Prix of Italy.


Jean Ragnotti won the "Around the Corsica" race with car Renault 5 Turbo.


Claude and Bernard Marreau's wan "Rallye Paris -- Dakar" race with Renault 20 Turbo 4x4 wheels model.


Historically first occupy of first two positions on Grand Prix of France  - 1. Arnoux, 2. Prost.


Alain Prost became F1 World champion with Renault.


Renault 5 Turbo became winner of France Rallye Championship.


Renault 5 Maxi Turbo model won the "Around the Corsica" race.


Jean Ragnoti, who drove Renault 5 Maxi Turbo model, became winner of car´s "Tour de France" race.


Renault has finished its F1 team and became a supplier  of engines for Lotus team and Ligier team.


Lotus-Renault team won in Grand Prix of San Marino, Grand Prix of Portugal     and Grand Prix of Belgium.


Lotus-Renault team became winner of Grand Prix of Portugal    and Grand Prix of Detroit , U.S.A.


Victory of Renault 5 Maxi 4x4 wheels model on France Rallye championship.


Renault 5 Turbo model driven by Eric Comas won Grand Prix of France in "Superproduction" class.


Renault won Portugal Rallye Championship.


Renault resigned from F1 World Championship.


Renault 11 Turbo model is in the head of France Championship of mass-production cars.


2.0. litre Renault 21 Turbo in terrain version won France championship in "Superproduction" class.


Renault came back to F1 together with Williams, which supplies engines.


Williams-Renault car of Thierry Boutsen became winner of Grand Prix of Canada and Grand Prix of Australia.


Williams-Renault became je vicemistrem of F1 world Championship of designers. 


Williams-Renault won at Grand Prix San Marino a Grand Prix of Hungary.


Renault 5 GT Turbo model became World Championship winner and Champion of France in N group.


Williams-Renault won in seven Grand Prix  and become a winner of World Championship of designers. 


Renault Clio won in Francie Championship, this time in Women Rallye.


Williams-Renault became winner of World championship of F1 designers and Nigel Mansell became winner of World championship of pilots.


Renault Clio 16S model won the France Rallye Championship.


For the second time, Williams-Renault became the F1 World champions of designers  with its ten victories and Alain Prost became World F1 Champion.


Renault became champion of the France Rally Championship.


Ayrton Senna died in cabin of his Williams-Renault on 1st.May 1994. 


For the third time, Williams-Renault became winner of World championship of F1 designers.


Ragnotti occupied first position in its category in Monte Carlo (Clio Williams).


Renault engines won sixteen of championships from seventeen F1 World Championships of designers. For the fourth time, Williams-Renault team became F1 World designer Champion. Michael Schumacher won F1 World champion as a pilot.


Four Renault pilots occupied first four positions.


For the fifth time, Williams-Renault became winner of the F1 World Championships of designers. Also  Damon Hill won F1 World Championship for the first time. Four Renault pilots reached again the first four positions in F1 World Championship. 


Renault announced to finish the F1 career for the end of year 1997.


Williams-Renault got sixth title of the  F1 World Designer Championship and became one of the most successful F1 designers. Jacque Villeneuve became World champion in F1.


Off-road model of Schlesser design with Renault engine won famous "Dakar" race and interrupted supremacy of Mitsubishi cars after a long time.


Jean Louis Schlesser repeated his Dakar's victory, this time on race held from Dakar to Cairo. Kangoo 4x4 with V6 engine did not unfortunately reach the end of race. 

Translated by Petr Majvald