6th meeting Renault Club Czech Republic in Melnik

Renaults' whirl

The first 2001 meeting of Renault-men ended for a few days. 97 vehicles took part, from among them 86 registered contestants, excluding several cars,

which remained before the camping site. Even though this amount is decidedly high and satisfactory, nevertheless bad weather on Friday and Saturday was of undue influence. Even at seven o'clock Saturday morning water streams rushed down from the sky and scared off some of the Renault-men. Would it not happen, we could overcome the limit of a hundred cars.
Those of them who didn't scare them were well-advised, because they were awaited by an eventful program which spent a lot of fun.áDuring the festive opening there were the contestants made familiar with the order of the day and the Czech Radio editor, Mr. Štíbr made a recruitment of "Green Angels" [helpers of the "Green Wave" - a radio-programme destined for vehicle-drivers]. When we were chattered enough, the Blindfold Ability Drive followed. During this was proved again that driving blind - without navigation - is not much of a giggle.

It seemed however that all crews trained hard between the rallies and only a few of them took care of a real show, as they totally lost orientation.
Even the children we didn't forgot and so these little coming-motorists could do compete in pure non-motoristic contests. After the lunch a Gracious Ride across Melnik City and his surroundings followed.

97 automobiles, products of the same car plant in different time periods, driving through the town in a motorcade let nobody on misgivings, what's the point of action here. All of them who attended the Gracious Ride set up a new record in motorcade-lenght of one brand. The new record is 1,940 m.

Many thanks to all of them who helped to get over the record of the year 1999. It was splendid to regard the endless and twisting convoy of Renaults. For those who are real fans was it a marvellous experience. A sunspot on the Gracious Ride's beauty was the behaviour of one motorist from Melnik City which undoubtedly didn't belong to Homini Renaultis. This fellow having nothing in common with car-fans, knowingly knocked me down on the pedestrian crossing during the 40 seconds until the end of the convoy came along seemed to him too long. He decelerated a bit, then accelerated - and I already fetched up on his bonnet. After this he didn't hesitate and together with his father, a policeman by the way, attacked myself. They were in luck that I took care more of the convoy in order that they can drive through, than of themselves. I cannot imagine their faces (meant mugs), if I would start fighting with them and if some Renault-men from the motorcade would rush up to help me. Instead of 40 seconds he might do wait markedly longer for the called policemen and then spend much more time on the police-station, where we had to explain the accident.

I would like to express thanks to all the people, whether unconcerned Melnik citizen or all the Renault-men for the willingness to act as witnesses to prove the behaviour of both motorized rowdies. Probably the most paradoxical thing in this inhumorous situation was the fact that this "driver" was owner of a Renault 19. And may be more paradoxical the fact that he was going to try to put the policemen that I jumped myself on his car.
After a short break there was started the traditional Orienteering Race, the first time performed by day. It was admittedly a little bit simplier than the last one, was easier, but on the other hand peppered by a further Ability Drive. This time oriented on speed and precision. Even in spite of a relative simplicity the feints of track director Mr. Bahn turned a good many of them their head. During the Ability Drive on the airfield though could be seen the handicap caused by absence of two organizers who just in that time had at the police-station to "Give an Explanation" to the police organs according to the above mentioned accident.

For the tired but satisfied Renault-men played in the evening the rock band Žízeo ["Thirst"]. five guitar-players and one percussionist dressed in stylish Renault-T-shirts went at it by summoning up all strength and didn't give up till even the strongest individuals didn't flake out. The whole day were the cars of all contestants kept with enthusiasm by the firm K&N Car s.r.o. [K&N Car Ltd] and its attitude was by all people at the meeting evaluated highly as grade 1 with a star [1*]. It was a honour for us - organisers - to get such an excellent helper.
Sunday forenoon was more than driver's ability proved the knowledge - during the last contest, which was the Renault-men-knowledge-test. After it, shortly after noon followed the prize-winner announcement together with presentation of glamorous and worthy prizes sponsored by the companies Renault ER a.s. and TotalFinalElf. The highlight of the competition was drawing of the top prize winner of the 6th Renault Club Czech Republic Meeting - the top prize was a Renault passenger car. The wheel of fortune was made of a low-profile tyre with covered sides in which were all opinion poll slips put in. Ten adult chaps changed to little boys as they turned the wheel of fortune. They turned it not on the spot as we know it from the TV, but they rolled the tyre round the whole car park, loudly cheered by all the others.

The winner, Miroslav Polách, was drawn up by the youngest meeting organizer, Radek Havlíeek, eight years old. Even in that very moment nobody guessed which car is the top prize. The winner got the car keys with a pendant and was called on to find the top prize on the car park himself. He went by fair means from one car to the other and tried if the keys would be suitable. Those who didn't win and whose cars he was to go round amused them royally. Nobody told him that he tries to get in their cars and calmly let him - crafty devils - try almost all of them. Finally the keys performed well at a car which is already a veteran - on a Renault 6, prod. year 1971, yellow colour. The winner gave his car to his girl-friend right there and she finally drived away with the car.

Special thanks belong to the corporations Renault ER a.s., TotalFinalElf s.r.o., K&N Car s.r.o., Turbo Sound system, Max audio, the band Žízeo, to Tomáš Wolf and his refreshing team, Mr. Šaffek and Petr Váoa for the photo-documentation, all mates and organizers which contributed to the smooth course of the meeting and to the pleasure of all Renault-men, which took part on it. Special non-thanks then to the driver which knowingly smashed me down on the pedestrian crossing. (Viktor Kazda)