7th Meeting of the Czech Republic Renault Club

In the A-point
Seventh Czech Republic Renault Club rally was realised at the weekend September 28-30, 2001 at the Mělník camping site in Mělník.

A little bit untraditionally this time. For all of You is the beginning of the rally mostly on the eve of the festive opening. For us organisers starts all some months in advance by negotiations, preparations, writing out of lists of items that are not to be forgotten, what is to be done, holding discussions how do things better which - as it seems to us - could be better done, evaluating last opinion polls to find out, what could probably entertain You, looking for prices, programs preparing and - last not least - marking out the orienteering race, which gains more and more popularity from rally to rally and became the competition highlight at all.

Weeks and weeks before the rally we jumped on one afternoon into our vehicles and went in the surroundings of Mělník and the Kokořín area to go on to reconnaissance the terrain. With another words we needed to hatch up which ways are interesting and where You not had been yet. There were several consequences, one of them I'm going to describe yet and an other one later on. The point is that we got to figure out something new each time in order that we can amuse ourselves too. This time we figured out the point A. You can trust us that even in that very moment as we hatched it up we imagined how You will look on it ? The perception of Your looking at caused soon our being amused. The same effect had the hatching of the question : "What for is the object on Your right hand ?". But we've got no answer from some of the crews which didn't discover the object. The perception, You will be looking at the cemetery after name the of the lady mayor with a pocket torch did amused us as bit. Such amusing opportunities we've got a lot.

But back to the rally. After the festive beginning and the programme announcing most of the contestants started their preparation for the first ability drive. Dispersion of best and worst time was 2:25 min, although the best one was 1:22 and is certainly a reason for meditation and a good reason for amusement of contestants too. But ability drives, whether complicated and technically difficult as the first one or speedy quite as the second one, the motoristic, are for regular contestants nothing new. This year's novelty was a ability drive on a motorless, low-flying piloted machine. For those of You who were not present on the last rally I ought to betray that it was not a Rogallo. This could appear on the next rally. It was a two-wheel equipment, in the last time very trendy - a mini-scooter.

Contestants in the concurrent slaloms made their utmost with great enthusiasm and so the extreme load and by summoning up all strength of the pilots after one of the well-meant powerslides one scooters didn't hold out and just to spite took off the rear wheel.

It doesn't tend to be that contestants often crash on the ability competition. This was an extemption. Some contestants crashed cheerfully even several times. Looking at this contest I was grateful to natural human laziness for the fact that motorists do move on roads mostly on four wheels. Nevertheless even the reality that only a few of the adults tried it on a scooter until this meeting contributed to a huge spectators' interest. In this event started even children. It is necessary to remark that they are behind a handlebar markedly reliabler drivers.

This year policemen the first time provided assistance during the Gracious Ride on the crossings. Thanks to them the Gracious Ride got off without a hitch. On every crossing was one policeman or policewoman and they didn't release in our motorcade of 63 Renault-cars anybody else.

When all ability drives were finished there was after discussion and a knowledge test started the Night Orienteering Race. It's length was 75 km and the drive time determined equal to 115 minutes. One would say that it might be a fun when the average speed was considered as 39km/h.

úvahy v bodě A

The opposite happened to be true. Hardly nobody could come in time.
By way of introduction I would like to mention the A-point, what was the place which many people will not forget for a long time. The passage through this point was determined by the itinerary, but by means of a map-detail supplied by further map details which had to confuse utmost the navigators. But nevertheless by means of logic it was possible to pass the point without problems. We thought that things will get hot for the crews until they have to resolve the A-point. But good many of them probably got troubles when looking after this point. One of the jokes prepared by us for the crews was an incorrect contest task, consisting of an incorrect transit checkpoint, based on the degrading doing of knee bends. So it happened that crews coming in the correct direction, obtused observated those of them, who arrived incorrect and driven to the incorrect task, very honestly fulfilled it. It happened too that a human being, improving its physical condition by floor exercises, confused enough those of them who came from the correct direction, so that that they finally went to do the "incorrect" knee bends too. That all together to amuse themselves, ourselves and the vice-chairman of the Vysoká parish council too, which treated us, the organisers, by a night-coffee.

As a gratification for their performances the best ones took away a Master-Renault-Cup, a new Renault-car lent for a weekend or some of further best-prices from the corporations Renault ČR a.s. and TotalFinaElf.

pictures from the meeting 1

pictures from the meeting 2

pictures from the meeting 3

(text: Viktor Kazda, foto: Petr Váňa, Petr Marek a Roman Velíšek)