Renault fans of all models, unite!
Horice 1998 meeting

      It had been raining for two weeks before the meeting. However, it looked like St. Peter´s conscience was moved on Saturday so he let the rain stop and the sun was shining down to dry wet roads in the autocamp "U věže" in Horice near Krkonoše where the meeting of Renault owners and fans took place. The Renault fans in their shiny iron sweethearts started to arrive at half past eight a.m. The owner of yellow 4CV became the first participant - except for organizers of course. A real landslip of R25 followed him and at the end there were eleven of them. The downrush of participants continued by two CV´s and beautifully preserved R15, which looked like it had been produced just a week ago. Also the owners of R4 arrived. One of the cars was non-traditionally designed in puzzle style with an inscription "Down-the-line, first of all". R20 from Pilsen proved that even this car had not been forgotten. Renault Mégane from Prague with tuned wheelbase was extraordinary improved. The yellow Clio Williams with 2,0l engine with 133 kW output was the best of the modern production. Almost 40 cars had arrived until the noon but other latecomers kept arriving. The competition in exact driving started. A really difficult line was built. The brave ones could check their estimation first of all as well as sensitivity of their foot (not mentioning the hands!) Strange, but two stoppings on the board were the main problem for most of the participants. There was probably no one who would not make a mistake there. Punish points started to decorate participant´s accounts. The drivers, trying to reach the best time, did not care about perfect passing the barriers anymore so the collection of punish seconds enlarged quite a bit. The passengers of R12 are a good exemple: they have reached the best time, but also their punishment seconds collection was the largest one - 130 in total so finally they have achieved the 8th position. The time of the winner, Mr. Šabata, was not miraculous at all, however he passed the route almost without any mistake (just 10 punish seconds).
     After this competition there was another chance to prove ability to manage the car - in slalom. Achievment of the owner of original R4 CV was really respectful - he won even with the handicap of small output of the 748ccm engine. Even the yellow Clio Williams´achievment was fantastic. It achieved the best time, unfortunately the overturned cone caused some punishment seconds. An accident of the R19´s driver, who left the route and damaged his car, was a little freckle on the beauty of the meeting. Renault parade ride took place the next day. The inhabitants of the villages around could admire the beauty of the cars in the convoy. We, as organizers, hope the participants really enjoyed the meeting so we can expect even more fans in May 1999.