Renault fans of all models, unite!
Otherwise Jablonne v Podjestedi 1999 Meeting 

Renault-Club Meeting Sep. 24.-26. 1999

The third meeting of Renault-fans in sequence took place on the last weekend in September 1999. Altogether more than hundred attendants and less than 40 cars of different age were present. On the agenda of this day were 5 prize contests, counted towards total estimation of Renault Master attribute which was awarded the first time this year at all. While the first three contests were oriented on being familiar in handling the car the next two checked the acceleration up to 400 m on a leased airport and finally the know-how of car owners at all.

 Even though the weather forecast for this weekend was comparatively optimistic the weather was false to us on saturday noon. A thick rain began and the "Graceful Ride" and sprint were driven while wet. Nevertheless anything wrong is for something right. Participants got the chance to check the behaviour of their cars under extreme conditions without risk - who wants to ride in full speed on a water layer under common traffic conditions?

 The last skill ride was driven on a wet layer and during a rain too and since it was a high speed run it was an ideal chance to check one's car under extreme adhesive conditions during heavy acceleration, braking and bending.

Rain gust attacked our vessels but did not break down our sports spirit. Renault-men (Homo renaultis) proved again, that cold and bad weather cannot break their fun. After returning from the airport we were in the camping site awaited by country-band, heated restaurant and a fresh roasted piglet. The Renault fun continued till early morning hours.