Renault fans of all models, unite!
otherwise Jičín 1999 Meeting 

 Renault Meeting 28,05. - 30.05.1999

In sequence the second Renault Club Czech Republic Meeting started on an idyllic Friday evening. The sun was burning quite as being booked and it was hot as on the Sahara. About at 5 o'clock the first fans were arrived. The absolutely first participant was a very well-preserved R 8 in original state with a registration number of Olomouc, followed by a R 19 Cabrio from Havlíčkův Brod, Mégane Cabrio Espace from Brno, a splendid group from Velké Meziříčí with a Clio and a Kangoo - later on I got almost no chance to keep it in view. Till deep in the night we prepared all necessary for the next day. One hour after midnight we discovered that there is no microphone pre-amplifier. There was no other chance as to bring it during the night. All preparations we have finished as late as at the cock's crow.

Just before eight o'clock there arrived more and more Renault-fans (for not-informed : Homo Renaultis). Before nine o'clock we've counted more than 50 cars on the lawn and another cars were coming. The Renault-fan is a clubby man ant that's why discussing groups moved from car to car  and words of commendations and admiration were to be heared. The were really many objects to be overlooked. About before 11 o'clock the lawn area was totally fulfilled and we began to be afraid if there will be enough place for parking. The car counting equipment stopped at number 75 apart from Renaults which were parking outside of the camping site.

Skill rides started shortly after 11 o'clock. There was brought out the fact that it doesn't depend on the vehicle, his size or power, but on the rider. Some of them were riding for sureness and built on reliance that little faults means automatically a good time, because for each fault were charged 10 penal seconds. Some of them on the contrary were riding very fast and produced a really show, but it is to be hold true that riding faster means more faults. The best compromise is somewhere between. On the other side without such high-speeders it wouldn't be the thing. it is very nice to see a Clio or Laguna moving on 3 wheels in a sharp curve. For many men war certainly a big surprise that the 5th position in the rally reached a woman piloting a R 18 2,2 l. Her time  1'32"12 was very good, on top of it without any fault. Interesting is that Mrs. Herčíková will be soon the fourth time mother and that she attending the rally brought along in fact the youngest participant at all. Further results You will find here.

Because on the skill ride took part a great amount of crews was it necessary to shift the "Graceful Ride" for a full hour. The total of 54 crews set off on the route from Jičín to Nová Paka measuring totally 33 kilometers. Standing still the motorcade was almost 500 m long. Moving on the motorcade achieved a length about 1,5 km. This fantastic convoy greeted by dozens of people standing along the road or alternatively getting out of their windows and houses, attracted by 54 sounding horns.   My admiration for all drivers in the motorcade.

Perfect distances and fabulous signaling when the motorcade was disrupted by signal assemblies. All this was of their own. In Robousy, a village near Jičín we were greeted by a whole football eleven, when the referee whistled a break for waving.

The whole meeting was accompanied by good humor and team spirit. I am very glad that I could meet all these people which attended the meeting and many thanks to all them for the atmosphere they have created. Special thanks to all of them which helped to arrange the meeting a have given a helping hand according to a smooth course.