The 5th. meeting of the Renault Club

The 5th. meeting of the Renault Club Czech Republic,
or how we learned to ride our cars on 3 wheels

The last Renault meeting has been held in Mělník town in dates Sept. 29th. -- Oct.1st. last weekend, where we met each other having good mood or even warrior mood. You, participants, arrived from all parts of our motherland either with young cars, older models or even with very old vehicles. You arrived young, in best years or as a pensioners. No matter all those facts, the one united you at all: love in cars with rhombus as a character (irrespective you owe any Renault car or not).

Friday evening was about to prepare crews for tomorrow's racing and simply chat in improvised meeting room we built it up by our hands and with improvised beer. It would be work for half of day for one man to built it up, but we all of us finally change the interior of the meeting room in half a hour. Most of participants has gone slept soon to be ready for next racing day.

Traditionally, Saturday has started by a hand-mindedness race. As good as racing road was built up by organisers, race crews were finally leaded up to ride lively on the racing road, where some of the cars even ride on 3 wheels. That 3-wheel ride became a very popular event among visitors of the meeting and was applauded by them pretty well. As soon as we have come back from "graceful ride" through fields and roads around Mělník town, the next race got ready for us. It was called as "Butterfly" race. It meant to drive brusquely your car straight, then turn the left for four times around cones and finally turn the right brusquely and reach a Finish. It sounds easily but reality was something different. You would simply choose wrong radian and then you slowed down your speed tragically and lost very valued seconds. You had to have steady nerves and forget a compassion with your tires whistling on the road to reach very good position in this race.

A following race seemed to be a part of test of driving skills as well as a part of driver attentiveness. A wicket slalom-race has passed one third of drivers participated that race with loose of just one wicket. Those honest drivers of you who missed last wicket, reversed back and run it properly that part of road once again. Those of you who were less honest or even did not registered the wicket on the road, run to the Finish directly with no reverse. The wicket missed meant 20 seconds penalisation for the driver and it caused the end of all his hopes to reach a good position.

For the first time, we made up the race for you, where you, drivers, did not hang in a steering wheel in your hands, but some kind of joystick instead of that. Driving of Renault Megane coupé powered by 220 horse powers did not become a problem for younger drivers especially, who get used to play on such computer games and it finally allowed them to move higher in the final evaluation.

When you had your hands rounded by the hand-mindedness race, test concerning Renault practised your knowledge. After that test has been finished, we, organisers, got to know some very interesting unbelievable news, for instance, Mr. František Barum was an inventor of tyres, and plenty of other things. I do not know exactly if we do those tests for more than our pleasure or just for your pleasure.

A night orientation race became a golden spike of Saturday's evening. It checked up a co-operation of crews as far as estimation of arrivals and right directions to ride again. We have really spent a long time preparing that race and we did the race very complicated for you. That all reflected in a final count of wrong answers you brought in a race sheet to the Finish with you. On the other side, we were pleased by enthusiasm in faces of those, who did the race with no penalty seconds at all.

Not more than hundred hours has left since our last Renault meeting and we are already thinking about next put-up jobs for you. If weather, time, our time-abilities are fine with us, the next meeting would be held on iced - up area sometimes during the winter time.

Enjoy nice and save riding till the next meeting!




(text Viktor Kazda, foto Bahno, Martin Havlíček, Standa Kulhánek, Petr Marek)