4th meeting of Renault Club Czech Republic

Renault-men Meeting

In order the 4th meeting of Czech Republic Renault Club members and fans of the Renault-brand passed this weekend in Milník. On the course took part more than 150 Renault-men and 63 Renault-children. On the programme this weekend were altogether four contests, which were counted in overall evaluation of the title "Renault Master". Ability Drives were driven from the morning and had to check, how anybody is familiar with his car and the car with the driver. No wonder that on the meetings and rallies took part foremost male crews. Nevertheless surprising was the participation of a markedly great amount of female-crews. And they came with interesting cars. Among them there was to see a Renault Alpine A 310 V6 Turbo with a power output 190 HP or a Renault 25 V6 with output over 150 HP To keep something like this under control needs to call upon all one's skills. The ladies didn't got lost among the men at all - a witness bears the first place in the Orienteering Race, with attained particularly the crew of Renault 25. The best female performance was the fifth place absolutely, what according to the competition and quality of contestants was a really noteworthy shoeing.

The contestants' adrenaline raised probably at most during the night Orienteering Race. The itinerary was not of the complicated, but hided in itself a little spitefulness and thanks to it about ten Renaults were whirling around the starting point looking for the right way. Finally almost all of them had find it and for us, the organizers the greatest incentive for all the effort concerted with preparation of the meeting were the boyish smiles in shining faces of the fellows. The contest was not without lesser trips outside the track. But in their majority they ended happily and so the crews which got outside the road returned only with clumps of grass caught on the body. One of the beautiful "R Eight" looked after return literally like a little garden.

We didn't forget the necessity of fun and so a sweetie was a Ability drive a la Stevie Wonder, that means a blindfold drive - only with co-driver navigation. It was to be seen how people get problems with orientation left-right.

The most beautiful on the meeting was the prevailed contentment between the contestants. Anybody talked with anybody else, motors were opened, the music-band played and sound of tuned engines carried over the camping site. A true programme highlight was the participation of the racing-team Carwin with their Renault Clio group N with output 180 HP, which could by admired by all and even some of them could go for a ride with it.

Special thanks to all people and corporations which helped us with the meeting and contributed so to the contentment which drifted like a red thread along the whole meeting. I would like to mention at least some of them. Renault AutoR, the Renault dealer from Milník City prepared a service-day for all contestants so that any of them could let his car be checked free of charge. To make the communication between us possible, the corporation BearCom lent us a complete set of transceivers. They operated reliably even during the Gracious Ride namely up to the distance of 3 km. The firm MAXaudio and club friends lent us a powerful audio-device which was to be heard far away from the camping site. And of course - last not least - the corporation Renault which took care of winner prizes.

Pictures from the meeting

Score sheet