On Competitions may take part any member of Czech Republic Renault Club which has duly paid his membership subscription or anyone who will take part on this Czech Republic Renault Club meeting with a Renault-car. On a competition must not take part any executive-board-member of Czech Republic Renault Club and members of their families, further must not take part Renault firm employees and sponsors of material prizes.

There will be competed in categories advertised by the meeting organiser in that way, that points awarded in particular competitions are included to the overall appraisal. The correctness of results is supervised by a sporting commissar appointed by the Czech Republic Renault Club . The sporting commissar has the right to disqualify a contestant for nonobservance of particular competition rules or of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Against appraisal in particular competitions or in sum total is it possible to raise a protest and concurrent standing a bail amounting Ke 500,-. In case of raising a protest decides about it the executive board of the Czech Republic Renault Club and the sporting commissar in bare majority voting. In case of protest sustaining the bail will be repaid.

The rules of particular competitions will be posted on a notice board prior to starting of a competition.

The preferential price will be decided by drawing lots open to the public by randomed sampled participants' opinion-poll-tickets, handed over prior to the start of any competition to the competition operators.

Czech Republic Renault Club

Mgr. Viktor Kazda  president
Petr Rosol vice-president
Jakub Vrba vicepresident
Petr Marek  
Juraj BoledoviŤ sporting commissar