Dear Renault-Car Fans,

Allow us to tell You this way that in the days September 28-30 2001 (Fri, Sat. Sun) there will be a great meeting of all members and fans of the Renault Club and Renault-cars at all. The meeting will be carried out in Milník, in the camping site Milník, which is booked for us in the mentioned time. The camp is situated in the Milník suburbs, about 30 km distant from Prague.
Parts of the programme of the this year's second meeting will be entertaining skill-rides, a Renault-knowledge-test, well food and beverages. The winners will be rewarded by valuable prices. Apart from winners will one of the participants fall to a lot and will get from our Club an extra-price : see Competition Rules.

Of course will be apart from attendants' performances as usual appraised the glamour of Your Renaults, both of elder and newer production date too. Last not least will be appraised the best ladies' performance. It is because of the fact that the fair sex didn't let humiliate themselves by men during the meetings and competitions, they got very often better than we. On Saturday evening there is a sweetie alike a 75 km orienteering night race in preparation. In this race is it not about speed, but orientation and correct calculated arrival on the finishing line. This time we recommend to anybody to take apart from an essential road map a flashlight with him too.

A timetable will be specified on place.

Arrival and accommodation, acquaintance with the meeting program.

Saturday :
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Meeting opening ceremony
10.00 First competition
12:30 Midday meal
13:30 "Graceful Ride" through Milník down town
15:30 Persisting in competitions, children competition
20:30 Orienteering-night-race
??:00 After finishing a post arrival chatter in the club-room II

Sunday :
Breakfast as anybody gets out of bed

11:00 Winner proclamation and title proclamation of Renault 2001 Master
Programme alterations intended

Accommodation and board is arranged. Cost of night's lodging Ke 100-135,- per person. Connection to camp custodian is mentioned below.

Participant's fee is Ke 180,-/car for Club-members, for other participants Ke 350,-. The fee will be collected on the dealing place and includes contest and toss participation. Contest results will be included to the Renault Master Annual Appraisal. Participants are recommended to arrive Friday evening in order to take part on common opening breakfast at 8 o'clock next day. To take part on contests You ought to be registered till Saturday 9 o'clock. Otherwise is contest attendance not guaranteed.
If You want to take part on this meeting please fill up the attached form for our information about number of attendants and vehicles. If You are interested in accommodation You may cover it using the form mentioned below. Reservation is valid till Friday 20:30. Later on will the reserved places be checked for further interested. If You know in advance that You will arrive later than 20:30, contact besides the form-filling-in the camp custodian too (see information mentioned below).